marketsoftwaresocialmediaIn the business world, it is very significant to find ways on how to attract customers or audience. Sometimes, when the work is not appealing to them, they tend to turn down the job or the offer. Thus, making an attractive yet informative presentation is a must. Here are the top ten content marketing tools according to professionals.

  1. Buzzsumo – This is considered to be an ideal for skyscraper technique. Whenever you wanted to monitor or study some trends in industries this tool can definitely help you. Also, it identifies some hot contents shared by some followers especially great when looking for good ideas and influencers in your content.
  2. Buffer ­– You probably wanted to choose your service. Well, this is a tool that can give a chance to shorten links through the use of your chosen service. Not only that it shortens links but it also schedules some tweets and linked posts. It also gives detects best performing posts.
  3. SEM Rush – It is known to be the fastest way to detect the effectiveness of a product because of its tracking system. This application analyzes ranking, gives information on competitor’s links and uses keywords.
  4. Meet Edgar ­– With the different kinds of post from the audience, this tool creates an easy library which can schedule some social media tool. However, it only focuses on the different types of tools and social interactions. It also gives you the chance to listen to interviews with the founder.
  5. Canva – Graphics, lay-outs and images are the benefits of this tool. The user may create his content and also will provide some research from the competitors. The main focus of this tool is to create some graphic images.
  6. AgoraPulse – This is suitable for conversations because it is connected with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Likewise, it is perfect for small businesses and social media managers. It also has a user-friendly dashboard that never misses tweets or comments.
  7. Post Planner – If you are looking for popular content, this is best for you. It can manage Facebook pages, lets you schedule post and monitor your target audience.
  8. Grammarly – This checks your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, so use it if you want to be a better writer.
  9. Periscope – A tool that can go with your mobile phone and has a skypescope. It’s a live streaming application that can connect to Twitter and can create and save content on a mobile device.
  10. Evernote ­– It uses a notebook to store your content ideas and can work with your smartphone giving you the chance to start your draft, which can be transferred to your laptop to complete the task. It uses the “Web clipper” that captures content from other websites.

There you have the top marketing tools to use if you want to become a successful digital marketer and do well in delivering your content and your message across audiences! Check them out today!

Source: Razor Social