How can you keep your business off of Twitter’s radar while still conducting some form of commerce using the tool?

These five tips can help.

1. Don’t Mention People Unless You’re Talking to Them –  A spammer throws in a link to a product along with a mention of your user name, which prompts you to read the tweet, since we’re all plugged into our Mentions like Pavlov’s dog.

2. Don’t Tweet All Deals and Promotions Relentlessly – It’s easy to wear out Twitter followers by tweeting every single sale, promotion, or product that you offer.

3. Stop Using Spammy Twitter Tools – The tools that Twitter objected to enough to sue include TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, and TweetBuddy, which act as tweet spam broadcasters.

4. Keep Sales Language to a Minimum – Those familiar with writing ads for Google AdWords know they can’t use terms like “best in the world” or “#1 top results” in their ads.

5. Report Spam on Twitter and Police Yourself – Twitter implores its users to report spammers.

Source: Latest News on Social Media