GooglePlus256-2We’re all on a wired world, where everyone else can be connected especially on social media, where interactions can take only seconds to happen. However, how do you make use of it when dealing with people?

  1. Choose entry points, which can push traffic to each other. Then, try to go deeper. You can use Twitter and Blogging. Whichever way you choose to enter social media, use it wisely and do not spam.
  2. Become a guru in something. Again, blogging can help, as it can allow you to express yourself and become valuable for others. If you want to gain online presence, blogging is still the best way to do that.
  3. Be interesting and interested at the same time. Do not use social media for promotions alone but for discussions.

These are a quick glimpse on how to use social media to increase your online presence. Read the full story from the source at Blog World.

Source: Blog World