Emoinstaller is a simple program to enhance the facebook emoticons available in Facebook chat. It is a Windows application, and works with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It has a remarkably good selection of icons to use. It includes hundreds of different well-drawn emoticons of very high quality, and using it is rather simple and easy.

Facebook has a remarkable number of emoticons already. Some people, including the writer of that blog post, always want more, however, and if you are one of those people, Emoinstaller has you covered.

The installation is a breeze. Just click a few times and it’s all ready to go. Using it is rather simple as well. The basics are: log into Facebook with your browser just like always, open Facebook Chat just like always, and click on the cute little monkey to access the icons. The emoticons are set up in categories, 14 to be exact, ranging from Sports to Holidays to School and various others.

For what it does, it works amazingly well . It has one simple task, and does it perfectly. As long as both parties have the software installed, the emoticons are well-drawn, eye-catching, and express a lot of things that the existing Facebook emoticons fail to express. The help page at the website is dead very informative and should help solve any minor issues anyone has figuring it out, and as Facebook is rapidly becoming the most commonly used chat method on the web; it has a potentially huge user base.

Now, it does have one glaring problem: for your friends to see these new, shiny emoticons for facebook, they need to have Emoinstaller installed on their own machine. It is free, however, so it’s simple to just tell your friends to install it if they want to, as long as they have a Windows PC and one of the big 3 browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer).

The selection of emoticons is massive, and pretty simple to navigate. It seems to have an emoticon for almost every occasion. It reminds me of the classic iPhone joke “there’s an app for that”, only with “there’s an emoticon for that”. Want to wish someone a happy Christmas? Use Santa. Invite someone for a swim? Use the guy in SCUBA gear. Say that you’re mildly amused, greatly amused, have just woken up and are somewhat confused? There’s an icon for all of this and more. Also, it has to be said: the monkey is cute. He’s named Emo, by the way, and that’s where the name of the program comes from. Cue the bad jokes now.

The developer, Athena IT Limited, is also the people behind Chit Chat, a popular desktop Facebook chat client for Windows. As such, they know their way around facebook emoticons very well. Chit Chat is a pretty basic chat client that, much like Emoinstaller, does just that, and does it particularly well.

All in all, Emoinstaller is free, simple, and it does what it says on the tin. If you enjoy using emoticons in chat, try it. It’s free, after all and just plain works. Download the program at www.emoinstaller.com