FB's Website Crashed, Just like its share price

Facebook is experiencing a substantial outage,”going dark for up to 80 minutes for some people,” Stacey Higginbotham, a writer for GigaOm said. A quick twitter search revealed it is still apparently out for some people starting from 7:00pm EDT.

It’s been a bad month for Facebook, first with its IPO crashing and now with the site appearing to have its own set of problems.

Higginbotham notes that she “emailed the crew responsible for keeping Facebook up and running for comment, but for a site with almost one billion users, Facebook has proven to be remarkably resilient.”

“Facebook has had its share of hiccups, as well as outright outages such as this one in 2010 caused by database error. It also went down briefly earlier this year,” she added.

“I expect we’ll soon hear from the company on what caused its latest problem, given it’s openness around its engineering efforts. Remember, delivering five nines (99.999 percent) reliability on the web is hard, so hard it may indeed be a pipe dream,” Higginbotham said.

Source: Forbes