Come and get me for a spookier Halloween.

Today’s social media headline is “how to find Halloween icons” for use as images or avatars on social media. If you’re in the same boat as others on social media, search no more.

Facebooking, Twitting, and being on social media would be funnier and cooler with these exciting and spooky little creatures to spice up your social media presence. Imbibe the fun-loving creature you are. Use Little Monsters Emoticons Collection as avatars or images.  Meet your little buddies today!



Presenting the 10 Little Monsters Emoticon Collection….

  1. Cool Blue Monster
  2. Egghead Blue Eyed
  3. Even More Evil Emoticon
  4. Chocolate Loving Ghost
  5. One Eyed Baby Monster
  6. Scary Clown Emoticon
  7. Red Devil
  8. Vampire Emoticon
  9. Evil Emoticon
  10. Smiling Ghost
Here’s a video of our Little Monsters Emoticon Collection!

Aside from these spooky creatures, you’ll get the scary church background which can make things even “scarier” or cuter. Use them as Halloween pranks or avatars on social media. Get more likes and shares on social media. Make your avatar more interesting or your pranks even funnier. Don’t be left behind! Join in the fun. Download FREE Little Monsters Emoticon Collection today.

See Little Monsters Emoticon Collection video on Youtube