One of the objectives of social media is to encourage fans to connect, with the goal of increasing public interest and customer loyalty.  People want to connect with what they feel is a genuine, authentic relationship with interaction that feels personal and human, not disconnected and corporate. If you humanize your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, you can build true connections with your followers. Here’s how:

1. Engage in discussions

Posing questions to your followers can be great conversation starters, keep the exchanges going and you get active conversation that’s natural between two human beings.

2. Deviate from the message

Your followers might appreciate a helpful link, articles –  sharing could help give a sense of diversity, spontaneity and friendliness – all characteristics that are quite human.

3. Showcase the team behind the scenes

Give behind-the-scenes tours of different departments, highlight individuals and share photos of employees in the workplace. All of that can remind your social-media followers that your brand is built of real people.

4. Let individuals shine on social media

If you have an in-house team running your social-media efforts, allow members to post as individuals within your company rather than as the company itself.

5. Own your mistakes

Every business makes mistakes. Admit your errors and apologize for what happened.


Source:  Google News