Google, YouTube, Facebook, Mozilla, Yahoo, Bing, and the 50-plus access networks and more than 2,500 websites will turn on support for the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet’s main communications protocol, June 6 is World IPv6 Day. Google is leading the charge to test and adopt the new Internet Protocol.

IPv6 is the web’s solution to “the Internet is running out of addresses” dilemma that’s been floating around for a few months. Google, the Internet Society, and several other web companies would enable IPv6 addresses on their websites for a 24-hour period.

World IPv6 Day is being headed by the Internet Society, which is promoting IPv6 as the best strategy for ensuring that the Internet continues to grow as address space becomes increasingly scarce with IPv4, the original version of the Internet Protocol.

Both protocols provide the unique IP addresses necessary for Internet-connected devices to communicate. However, IPv6 utilizes 128-bit Internet addresses.

Source: Mashable