marketsoftwaresocialmediaLearning how to use social media for recruitment is needed to check on profiles of your candidates; however, there are applicants who control their privacy settings and limit the information they are willing to give out. In addition, there are also implications that you should be aware of when looking into profiles and coming up with judgments on the information you will find.

Here are some tips you can use when screening or sourcing

  1. Looking for passive seekers using search functions.
  2. Connect.
  3. Set your site mobile. Be sure that you will be found online wherever your users are so that they can apply or access you even they are on the train.
  4. Keep yourself engaged with your passive candidates.

There you have some of the most effective ways on how to engage on social media for recruitment. You can consider these and hire better individuals to work in your company. Read the full story.

Source: HCA Mag