marketsoftwaresocialmediaToday’s topic is about the six things that small businesses should know about online communities and niche sites that can help them build that credibility and reputation across groups and groups of influencers and customers.

  1. Understand that every community has its rules to follow if you want not just to connect but also to build a good relationship with them. You’re done from the moment that you started spamming and showing less value.
  2. Members can tell. Before you start joining a group, you should check if its audience is engaged and active. Take note that you also need to share a similar one with them.
  3. Target well. In building up your small biz, it’s not the quantity or numbers of members you’re joining but more on the value. By saying that means it could be better to have a thousand specific audience than to have that millions without a target.  As a small business owner, you should think of building a branded community to influence.
  4. Take note that niche sites are better in terms of CPM than a large social network because it has specific audience. If you want to save up on advertising, you should join a community site.
  5. Promote content in large social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Although your content should be valuable and specific, you should be able to promote these contents and your activity on social media to encourage people to join the niche site and to promote your business.
  6. Influence using blogs. Blogs are the fist social networks, as users come back for your content, and you build readership and followers. It’s simple to understand that a well-targeted blog is a great tool to use to engage and invite more consumers, too.

Source: Social Media Today

How do you think you can promote your small business on niche sites to influence and persuade people to join and buy your offers?

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