Tagged - most engagingTry to guess America’s most engaging social network. Facebook? Wrong. Twitter? Wrong. Pinterest? Wrong again.

According to comScore‘s most recent social networking data, from the month of March, the San Francisco-based site Tagged engages users like no other service.

And each time a Tagged user visited the site, he or she stuck around for 12.1 minutes — which trailed only Tumblr (14.7 minutes) and beat out Facebook (10.9 minutes).

“ We had found out a lot of our users were actually using Tagged to meet new people, so that led us to pivot into a new space called ‘social discovery,’ where people use sites to make new social relationships.”- Tagged CEO, Tseng said.

As opposed to sites like Facebook, where people primarily organize and maintain relationships established offline, Tagged functions mostly as a portal to meet new people online for romance or simply friendship.

The site’s algorithms encourage users to connect based on shared interests, tastes and hobbies. “Facebook is the place where you maintain your current 150,” he says. “And Tagged will be the place where you refresh that 150.”

Source: Mashable