marketsoftwaresocialmediaIf your social media marketing efforts for your business don’t make sense, it’s time for you to ask help from some of the most recommended tools for social media marketers like you. Here are some of the social tools you can consider according to your specific needs:

  • Dashboards and Management Tools – included to this category are the tools, TweetDeck, SocialBro,  and Tweetcaster. These are tools that will help you conveniently organize and take an instant glance at your Twitter and other social media accounts.
  • Twitter Tools – these are the tools that will analyze and make a report on your Twitter activities and status. Recommended tools in this category are Must Be Present,  Social Rank, Tweet4Me, ManageFilitter, Tweriod, Tweepi,, Twtrland, Followerwonk,  NeedTagger, TweeterSpy,  TweetReach, Twazzup, Twitter Feed,and Topsy.
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools – with the help of tools like Mention, NutshellMail, SocialMention, and Keyhole; you will be able to track and keep updated with the keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your social media campaigns.
  • Social Media Content Tools – these tools will help you conveniently find and share stories in social media sites as well as content in several popular websites that could be used in your marketing activities via social media. Some of the ideal tools under this category are Paper.Li,, Pocket, Feedly,   Swayy, Pie, and Bottlenose – Solar Solo.
  • Facebook Tools – some of these tools can be used to organize Facebook posts, likes, comments, and their various details. There are also some tools that will monitor and analyze the activities in your Facebook page. Included to these tools are LikeAlyzer,  Fanpage Karma, Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report,   and Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Social Media Analytics Tools -Rival IQ,  Shared Count,  Buzz Klout, Somo  and Google URL Builder will help you come up with the most efficient link building solutions out of the data acquired in social media activities.
  • Visual Content Tools – it can’t be denied that most social media users are easily delighted with glossy pictures, especially those with catchy captions. Tools that will help you manage your visual content include  BeFunky,  Canva, Compfight,, Piktochart, Visually,  LICEcap.
  • WordPress Logins – Digg Digg, Flare, and Ivy are among the best social media tools that will help you conveniently work with your WordPress plugin activities.
  • Miscellaneous Tools – you can also try tools like Bitly, Rev,  Powtoon, SteadyDemand’s Google+ Page Audit,ShareRoot Board Cover Creator, Jelly, Rapportive, FiveHundredPlus,  Cardmunch, IFTTT, and Zapier for other aids and enhancements on your social media marketing efforts.

Take time to know more about these tools by visiting their official websites. You can also learn what users and experts say about them by checking out reviews and testimonials. Check out the full version of the story from the source.

Source: Blog Bufferapp