computer4Social media is not just for connecting with families and friends. It is also important for business to build their customer base. These are the things you need to be more productive through social media.

  • First, a social media personality complementary to the business theme.
  • Second, employee participation in the company’s social media efforts.
  • Third, services supporting simultaneous posting on social media sites.
  • Fourth, sharing and re-tweeting to show respect and understanding of consumer needs.
  • Fifth, don’t just advertise but seek to engage customers.
  • Sixth, stick to social media sites that connect you to the target audience.
  • Seventh, knowledge of the social media basics and effective business uses.
  • Eighth, steer clear from distractions.
  • Ninth, move from online to offline and pursue real life opportunities.

These are very simple ways but can do wonders in your business. With these you can gain the support of your employees and customers. Thus, your business becomes more productive in reaching its goals.

Source: Forbes