Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and other politicians across the country are constantly asking followers to pitch in money to their campaign — but do those pitches actually work?

According to Twitter, absolutely.

The company commissioned a study from data research firm Compete and found the average Twitter user is 68% more likely than the average Internet user to visit a campaign donation page. Meanwhile, 97% of Twitter users exposed to political tweets are more likely than other users to visit a campaign donation page.

However, the study also found that political tweets drive a greater increase in traffic (97%) to donation pages than in overall visits to political sites (72%). It’s impossible to know if a person who visits a donation page actually donates, but Twitter argues in its blog post that these numbers mean tweets “drive people to these sites with a greater intent to donate.”

Do you think Twitter can drive donations? Have you donated to a political campaign because of what you saw on Twitter?

Source: Mashable