The impact of social media, according to research, shows widespread benefits for teens who adeptly use Twitter, Facebook, and other online communities.

How parents police social media usage should vary by their teens and their levels of maturity, says Christine Greenhow, an assistant professor in educational psychology at Michigan State University..

So how can parents help? First, Greenhow said they should log on to the sites their children use and find out for themselves how they work. Second, Greenhow said they should read the terms of service (something their kids probably won’t do) of these social media sites so they can guide their children on appropriate usage.

Third, while social media is a forum for authenticity and self-expression, Greenhow said parents need to remind teens not to post anything that could be damaging if seen by prospective employers or educators.

Greenhow said she doesn’t dismiss the fear of children being bullied via social media. The relative facelessness of social media can make it easier for people to be cruel or say mean things that they wouldn’t say face to face.

Source: Google News