There are plenty of tools out there that help people post the same piece of content across multiple networks. Sendible, Hootsuite, Buffer – all make posting easy and convenient.

While they can be great time savers and allow heavy social media users the ability to scale properly and plan accordingly, they also create problems and do not always maximize exposure.

Most importantly, broadcasting the exact same message across multiple channels does not always take full advantage of each individual network’s strengths.

These are only a sampling of the problems. The right way to do it is to post manually, to mix up the posts using social media sites themselves as the tools through which to post. Done right, it can increase the exposure of your content and give people reasons to follow you one multiple networks.

Here is a sample of how a piece of content was posted across multiple networks appropriately. In this example, we’re using this infographic called “Battle of the Sexes” and getting it properly posted to Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Step 1: Prepare the Post

Step 2: Post to Facebook and Google+

Step 3: Post it to Tumblr

Step 4: Post to Pinterest and Twitter

Switch It All Up

Source: SocialMediaToday