Thumbs-UpIf you’re looking to improve social medial exposure, then you may want to learn about the latest social media ethics this year. As you may know, SM can make or break your profile as it can help or damage your social and online image.

  1. You don’t have to post every meal unless you are a food blogger or critic. Think twice about posting any images on social media, and think if it is worth posting.
  2. Consider other people’s feeling if they see your posts. Take note that unless you set your privacy setting as to who will see your posts, you may reconsider everything before posting on social media.
  3. Use a professional photo of yourself. Be selective and use the right one for your social media picture and not just any selfie.
  4. Contact companies privately for complaints.

These are only some etiquette for social media this year. Check out the full version of the story from the source.

Source: Huffington Post