chat3As the month of October comes, organizations and schools within the country go on to observe the National Bullying Prevention Month. The goal of the celebration is to stop cyberbullying and bullying that lead to the death of a girl in Florida last year. The story of the 12-year old girl named Rebecca Ann Sedwick who committed suicide due to a whole year of cyberbullying from two minors as well, ages 12 and 14.

According to age restrictions set by Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram the minimum age required for signing up is at 13, while YouTube set it at 18 but a 13-year old kid can sign up with the permission of their parents. For other social media sites, it’s at 17. According to the study done by, about 59% of children indicate that they’ve used one even before the age of 10. For more information, go to the source.

Source: Huffington Post